Our Heritage Guest Ranch is an amazing place to view the night sky. Luckily, I only have one dim yard light, which does not hinder the night sky views from my house. Because of my 4,000 acres and the Forest Service property surrounding my ranch, guests have the opportunity to view sights unseen in the glow of the city lights.

There is a railroad running alongside the ranch, but there are plenty of spots to get away from the occasional lights. Along with that, my closest neighbor is more than 3 miles away, so the skies are wide open.

The ranch has plateaus available for camping to assist in viewing the beautiful skies. However, if camping is not your thing, I have three facilities. One is fully equipped with a kitchen as it is a two-bedroom home, while the other two are lofts in the barn. Each of the facilities has a full bath, refrigerator (mini ones in the lofts), microwave, and three beds.

The ranch is a perfect place for astronomical viewing. Many of my guests and I have enjoyed the skies throughout my life on the ranch. I see the Milky Way on star-filled evenings. The full moon is always wonderful, and at special times, we can even view the Aurora Borealis (the Northern Lights). At even more special times, meteorite showers can be seen.

Cookouts and star gazing are offered as a package that includes a meal and lodging for groups of 8 to 12 individuals who want to stay at the ranch. Cost is $150 for each adult and $50 for each child 12 years old and younger.

 Milky Way over Toadstool Park next to Our Heritage Guest RanchThis photo: Milky Way over Toadstool Park
Top photo: Night skies at Toadstool Park
(c) Diana Robinson Photography http://www.dianarobinsonphotography.com