If you’ve ever wondered how pioneers socialized across the wide-open spaces, or how Native Americans lived on the Plains, here’s your chance to find out and relive the experience.

Pioneer journeys

Horses at Our Heritage Guest RanchPioneers traveled miles to see their neighbors at social events their communities. Our Heritage Guest Ranch’s four-day plan to re-create this journey includes:

Day One: The first night will be spent in one of our guest homes. The next day will be spent learning natural horsemanship and safety tips. We pack the horse-drawn wagon for our journey and travel to our destination. We’ll set up camp and have a barbecue for supper. The evening’s entertainment could include stories about the pioneers or performances by musicians.

Day Two: After eating breakfast,  we’ll attend a local event. This may include the PowWow, Peabody Hale Fiddle Contest, Old Timer Rodeo, PRCA Rodeo during July 4th with parade and fireworks, or music in the park. We’ll stay overnight at the camp.

Day Three: We journey back to the ranch, with a wonderful supper and modern accommodations to greet you.

Day Four: Rest and recover at the ranch before leaving.

Pioneer journeys by Our Heritage Guest Ranch

Lakota journeys

Groups of 10-20 people can join Our Heritage Guest Ranch on a six-day journey that will take you back in time when the Lakota lived freely on the Western prairies. Learn about their history, culture and spiritual beliefs. Experience some of their traditional uses of the native plants and animals as foods and medicines.

Day One: The first day will be spent preparing for your journey on the prairie. We will learn natural horsemanship techniques and rules of safety for our excursion. The horsemanship lessons will model after Lakota Methods which also are natural. You will receive a booklet identifying the plants and animals we may encounter. That night you will be staying in one of our guest houses. This will be the last you see of mattresses, bathtubs and toilets for four days. Our time camping will be as authentic as we are able to make it.

Lakota journey by Our Heritage Guest RanchDay Two: After breakfast, we will pack the teepees on our horses and start on our trail to find a place to set up camp. You will learn what the Lakota looked for when setting up their camps and the reasons why.

We will remain in this location for the next two nights. You will learn of the plant and animal life in this area. You will be taught about certain spiritual beliefs and traditional Lakota values such as honesty, generosity, wisdom, respect and courage. Traditional foods will be served for our meals.

Day Three: On the third night, you may choose to partake in a sweat lodge experience, then return for a deep rest in our teepees. We’ll also share Lakota history with you.

On clear evenings we will be able to see our vast skies illuminated by the many stars or bright moon. We will explore the Lakota Stellar Theory and traditional Lakota stories at night and spend each day living as they did on the range.

Day Four: We will pull up camp and journey back to life on our modern ranch. You will sleep in our lodging facilities, complete with running water and beds.

Day Five: Rest and recover at the ranch before leaving.

We hope you take home some personal insights and with new knowledge about the plants and animals living here. Through the natural horsemanship experiences you’ll have with us, you will leave with a new perspective on relationships and communication. Most of all, we hope you will take with you a new admiration and respect for the Lakota people and their old way of life.