Winter wonderland at Our Heritage Guest RanchWe are open year-round! Our Heritage Guest Ranch has activities and lodging for the winter and early spring! Enjoy gorgeous scenery while feeding livestock in the winter and baby calves and foals are arriving during the spring.

Because of the land and the history of our ranch, we have a large variety of activities. Each package is designed to fulfill a unique piece of history: pre-historic times when mammoths, oreodons and saber tooth cats once roamed; Native American life following large herds of bison while living off the land; pioneer days when this country was being settled; or modern-day ranch work.

Our activities include:

We invite large groups. We have hookups for water and electricity supplied for five trailers, and much more space for those needing primitive areas to park. Our accommodations include:

  • Our Heritage Ranch guest houseA lovely house with two bedrooms and a hide-a-bed couch, with full kitchen and bath, for those wanting a home a way from home.
  • In our arena we have two apartments. Each has a full bath and three bedroom areas. One apartment has three available beds; the other has five available beds. They are equipped with coffee makers, microwave ovens and refrigerators. All linens are supplied.
  • The first apartment has a queen size bed and hide-a-bed couch on the first floor. There is a split loft with a full size bed on each side. The other apartment has two day beds in one loft, two twin beds on the other side of the loft with queen-size and full-size hide-a-bed couches on the main floor.
  • A primitive cabin for those who want to “rough it”.

We have 26 indoor stalls in our many barns, and several horse-fenced corrals.

These arrangements are perfect for groups or family reunions. Special prices are available for groups or family reunions.

Our staff

Owner Jean Norman in the arena
Owner Jean Norman in the arena

Our family enjoys being your hosts and hostesses. Rick and Jean will enjoy hosting you, along with Cameron, Clayton, Candace when they return home. We love our ranch and everything we do on it. Sharing it with you is a wonderful bonus for us. We enjoy making the visit here on the ranch as beneficial to you as it has been for us.

Jean Norman, the owner of Our Heritage Guest Ranch, has worked in various areas of tourism as a wrangler and tour guide at Fort Robinson. She has been training horses since she was a teen-ager preparing her father’s Thoroughbreds for racing, and reformed them after racing for other jobs. Nebraska Sunset, a horse she trained as a teen-ager, was inducted to the Polo Hall of Fame in 2017.

Rick, Jean’s husband, has a deep love for horses and the country life. He enjoys riding with our guests.

Dusty Rising joins us when we host the Lakota Journey. She has her degree in multi-disciplinary land management from The Lakota College in Pine Ridge. While living there, she was accepted by the tribe and taught their way of life by the elders.

Jim Morris is our campfire cook and has been cooking this way for better than 30 years. He is a lifetime cowboy and horse trainer.  His sister-in-law, Shannon Maxwell, is our stagecoach driver.  She is Sitting Bull’s great-granddaughter and will be our hostess for the Lakota Journey when Dusty is not available.

Pauline Mullinex is our experienced tour guide for our fossil hunts. She is a member of various fossil and mineral clubs. She has nearly 30 years of experience in this field.

Shari Jarvis and others involved in our activities are certified clinicians in horse training.

For natural health activities, we work with Olga Turnquist. She has a Ph.D. in nutrition and is a licensed nutritionist.

Shelby and Cameron Kolling have been competitors in Crossfit as a couple.  Cameron played football throughout college. He graduated with a sports medicine degree.  He moved into a personal training degree, where he holds 11 certifications from nutrition to pilates. The two of them live the life of good health and are excellent teachers.

If you’re interested in natural health, horseback riding, fossil hunting or enjoying the country life, please contact us early in the year (January 15th) so we are able to arrange specialized events for you or your group.